I’m Dani Akash

Since the day I played the 3D Pinball game on one of the Windows XP machines in a Xerox shop near my school, I've had a fascination with computers. Since then, I've worked hard to learn more about computers and eventually earned an engineering degree in computer science.

As a worldbuilder, I'm always learning about how our world works, from global economics to particle physics. I try to learn as much as I can about this world through books, documentaries & educational youtube videos. I also enjoy reading about imaginary worlds. This made me a big fan of Japanese manga and games, such as One Piece, Evangelion, Tekken, and many others.

I adhere to the philosophy of optimistic nihilism and strive to accomplish as many good things as possible in my lifetime. I have worked with many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Teach for India and SOS Children's Villages to help educate children to use computers and science. After Covid-19, I started investing more in Green Energy technologies, hoping to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Today, I work as a programmer, engineering manager, and active educator, teaching others how to code and build a career in technology. I build high-performance web and mobile apps using modern JavaScript, GraphQL, tRPC, serverless and edge runtimes.