Things I’ve built throughout my career

I’ve worked on tons of little projects, but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. These include apps I have built at work, training programs, books, video courses & other open source libraries I have built over the years.

  • OSlash - Browser Extension

    Shortcuts for work! Founding Engineer & team lead of the v1 of OSlash for Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

    Get OSlash

  • Pickyourtrail - Travel Planner App

    Solo Engineer behind the cross platform PYT mobile app till v1.8, built with React Native, available for Android & iOS.

    Get the app

  • React Native Toolkit

    High quality react-native libraries I built for use in personal projects - fully open sourced! ❤️


  • React Native Docs

    Part of the official React Native Docs rewrite effort & wrote significant part of the docs, including vital elements like Animated & PanResponder

    Link to Project

  • Pickyourtrail - Travel Guide

    A content-rich SEO friendly Travel guide website built before the days of Gatsby & Next.js - built along with a custom in-house React Framework

    Checkout the guides

  • JavaScript by Example - Book (2017)

    Author of the book covering modern JavaScript programming with real web apps

    Read the book

  • Learning Git - Video Course

    A video course on teaching git to new developers on the GUVI platform

    Course Videos