I’ve spoken at many developer community events to share my learnings & ideas

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live on stage, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love podcast interviews because they give me the opportunity to answer questions instead of just present my opinions.



Qbits & Quantum Mechanics Explained

Thoughtworks Geeknight 76th Edition, Apr 30, 2020

A science + tech focused talk explaining how the world of tiny particles work & how it is leveraged in Quantum computers as Qbits.

How to learn a programming language

Basaveshwar Engineering College, IEEE Student branch, Apr 26, 2020

A live stream webinar for college students on which programming languages to learn & how to learn them.

Redux for State Management

Guvi 30 days webinar, Mar 21, 2020

Live programming of building a stateful application & managing the state transitions using the Redux library.

Up and Running with React Native

Guvi 30 days webinar, Mar 17, 2020

A beginner friendly introduction to building apps with React Native - live coding a todo list app on video using an Expo Snack.


The State of React Native in 2019

Thoughtworks Geeknight 69th Edition, Jul 25, 2019

A detailed talk on the state of React Native & the types of libraries & apps the community is building around the React Native ecosystem.

React.js Best Practices

PYT Talks Episode 1, Jun 8, 2019

Sharing the best practices on building applications with React based on my experience in building the Pickyourtrail mobile app & the web app.



React Native for Beginners

Facebook Developer Circles Chennai, Jun 10, 2017

A beginner friendly talk + live tutorial on how to build mobile apps with React Native for the facebook developer circles community.

Building React Native apps with Angular 2

React Native Chennai, Mar 24, 2017

A PoC project explaining the underlying architecture of React Native & how we can leverage it for other frameworks with Angular 2 as an example.

Angular JS 2 for beginners

Chennai Geeks, Mar 11, 2017

How to build applications with Angular 2 - a beginner friendly talk + live coding session.

Navigation in React Native

React Native Chennai, Feb 21, 2017

Explaining the most complicated part of React Native mobile development - using the Navigator module to build screen navigation.